HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit
HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit
HC3'S mission to Strengthen Hessville through philanthropic, cultural, educational, and economic development and to promote revitalization, safety, and beautification within the entire community.

Indiana Beverage

Since 1939, Indiana Beverage has been a family-owned beer wholesaler that distributes over 1,100 brands of beer to our retail partners such as liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, taverns and other retail outlets throughout Northern Indiana. We have worked diligently to promote responsible consumption of our products and give back to our local communities. As a wholesaler we serve as the middle tier of a three-tier system of beer distribution comprised of brewers, wholesalers and retail outlets. Brewers deliver beer to the beer wholesaler. The wholesaler then serves as the local link to distribute beer to retail outlets in the community. This vital system ensures that consumers have an abundant choice and variety of beer available to them, state and local taxes are collected efficiently, and that moderate and responsible consumption is promoted.


Indiana Beverage
2850 Barley Rd.
Valparaiso, IN 46383

PHONE:  (219) 464-BEER (phone)
(800) 523-6394 (toll free - Indiana only)
(219) 465-7253 (fax)

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