HC3'S mission to Strengthen Hessville through philanthropic, cultural, educational, and economic development and to promote revitalization, safety, and beautification within the entire community.

Sun. July 8th:

J & F Chiattello's Roofing & Construction in Dyer, Indiana, came out to lend a hand to the help out Roofers Union Local 26.  We are very grateful to them for giving up their Sunday with their families to help us with our project.  This roof is not an easy volunteer project, these guys come out and are very proud to be apart of this wonderful project.  A very big Thank you to our roofer volunteers!

Sat. July 7th:

The roof on the Hansen Branch is looking fantastic! Roofers Union Local 26 came out with volunteers from Gluth Brothers, Artison Quality Roofing, Ross Group, and Korellis.  Our volunteers for the day were Brian Bass, Victor Cavazos, Eliseo Gzonzales, Jeremy Adams, Randy Young, and Tim Miller.  We thank them for their continued efforts completing the roof.  They are making great strides and the completion is soon approaching,  Soon we will have a brand new roof thanks to the efforts of the volunteers who have worked diligently in these hot temperatures!

Sat. June 23rd:

Our Roofers Union Local 26 volunteers are doing a great job!
We cannot thank these volunteers enough who give up their time & energy to help our community!  Thank you to Cakes by Karen for donating donuts for our volunteers! Subway Restaurant on 169th  in Hammond provided lunch for our volunteers! 

Our volunteers for the day were Ryan Pastrick,  Fundador Feliciano,  Milorad Stojanovic, and Brian Bass.

We love our community!

Sat. June 16th:

Our Roofers Union Local 26 along, with roofer volunteers from Artisan Quality Construction, Korellis, Gluth Brothers Roofing, volunteers that came out are Fundador Feliciano, Jesse Kirby, Randy Young, Steve Escamilla, Jordan Fisk, Tim Miller, Brian Bass. Loven Oven Provided Lunch to our volunteers.  Thank you to the volunteers for giving up another Saturday away from their families to help us out!

Sat. June 9:

Roofers Local 26 have begun construction of a new roof!  Thank  you to United Union of RoofersLocal 26 and the Korellis Roofing who have donated a truck and employees have donated services! Also,  Code Red Safety for their donation of safety equipment.  Food for the volunteer roofers was donated by Freddy's Steakhouse! Thank you to all who have given your time to help restore Hansen Branch!

Our volunteer roofers today were Jose Jimenez-Korellis, Tyler Ramirez, David Chiattello, Rene Diaz-Korellis, Randy Young, Richard Perez Jr., Chris Bonessa, Jordan Fisk-, Mike Sptacer-Korellis, and Steve Escamilla.

Sat. May 12:

Renovations have begun on the old Hansen Branch Library! We are very excited about the progress so far! HC3 Spring Clean-up kicked off the beginning of the changes to come and we are so very grateful to those that volunteered their time and services to help make the grounds more beautiful.

HC3 is very excited about this new up coming project!

HC3 has acquired the Old Hansen Library Branch from the City of Hammond. This Library has stood vacant for 13 years. During this time the building has occurred significant damage due to a compromised roof. HC3's goal is to restore the original structure with the help of Indiana Landmarks and Greg Kil, an architect who specializes in historic preservation. Once the building has been restored the building will serve our community once again like it was originally intended. We are looking to provide Veteran support services, student tutoring, and adult workforce advancement. We have proceeded with having this building nominated on the Historical Registry as well as the National Registry. Your donation will help HC3's mission to restore this building.

Thank you to the City of Hammond for their support. Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr., Africa Tarver, Executive Director of Redevelopment, the Redevelopment Commission, Anne Anderson, Director of Economic Development, and our 6thDistrict Councilman Scott Rakos. It really does take the support of so many to make great things happen within our city, HC3 is proud to have an amazing community! We thank everyone for their ongoing support of HC3!! You can Help HC3 in our mission by donating to help restore the old Hansen Library. -HC3 President,  Amy Radolak 

HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit
HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit

A Special Thank You to our donors and the supportive community that have helped make  this project move forward!


HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit



HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit