Amy is a stay at home mom, married, and a mother of three. She has lived in Hessville for the past 17 years. Her husband, Dennis, is originally from Hessville and graduated from Morton. Volunteering and helping others is something she has always done and been very passionate about.  She became involved with HC3 in the Spring of 2017 at the first Hessville clean up.  She loves what HC3 stands for and their mission. In October, she was elected to the HC3 Board of Directors. She has a drive and passion to further the vision of HC3 and wants to take the organization to the next level. It is because of that passion and drive and her past involvement with not only HC3, but other projects throughout the city, such as Girls on the Run, that fellow HC3 Board Members recognized her dedication to the Hessville community.  She was elected the new President in December.

It is her goal to not only help our Hessville businesses beautify our area, but bring the community closer together through volunteering and events. She believes when our businesses, community, and other non-profits work together we can achieve great things. She looks forward to her new position as the HC3 President.


Meet Amy

HC3 Hessville Commerce & Community Creative-Non-profit
HC3'S mission to Strengthen Hessville through philanthropic, cultural, educational, and economic development and to promote revitalization, safety, and beautification within the entire community.